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Case Studies


We believe in creating a trusted partnership by improving business efficiencies, leveraging technology and adopting a proactive, consultative approach, to attain customer delight.

Case Studies

Modular RPO
Resource Augmentation


Some reasons to opt for RPO

Cost Saving

Reduced recruitment costs significantly through increased hiring via cheaper sourcing channels like direct sourcing and employee referral and reducing vendor spend.

Reduce time to hire

Time is an important factor in recruitment. For every day you're without an employee it has a direct impact on business. Reducing the time to hire is all about making sure you're ready to move when the need for recruitment arises. Analysing employment trends within your company and industry is a vital part of the planning stage. Managing the process of interviewing efficiently and timely decision making is just as important.

Proactive engagement with active and passive candidates enables to create a live talent pool for critical hires, diversity, succession planning, competitor mapping and market intelligence. This reduces time to hire and ensures we hire the best. In addition a very tight control over the and escalation mechanism.

Improve process/Quality of hires

Quality is an outcome of leveraging all effective & innovative sourcing channels & the right assessment methodology to ensure you get right people for the right jobs. Build or transform your recruitment capability to match your business goals.

Client Business Needs

  • Hiring across levels & geography with completely unique skills set and very stringent selection standards.
  • Talent pool varied drastically for each business unit requiring big end sourcing capability.
  • High hiring manager time spent on recruitment, increased vendor usage and thereby a high cost per hire.
  • Wanted single point accountability for recruitment delivery and sought continuous improvement.


  • Deployed a Full scale RPO comprising of Client Servicing onsite team with relevant industry experience and ability to manage high end stakeholders.
  • The onsite team is ably supported by an offsite team of Sourcing Specialists exclusively for the client creating a proactive talent pipeline continuously.
  • Redesigned recruitment process to achieve desired results. Defined templates and process for all recruitment activities ranging from requisition to on boarding to enable full data capture, crisp communication between all stakeholders involved in recruitment.
  • Promoted and exploited effective and cheaper sourcing channels like employee referral, IJP, Contractor conversions etc.
  • Maintained a tight control on - quality of screening and assessment, timelines in each step of hiring process enforced. Continuous and transparent two way communication, feedback & review mechanism established between all stakeholders & partners involved in the hiring process.


  • Reduced recruitment costs significantly through increased hiring via cheaper sourcing channels like direct sourcing and employee referral and reducing the earlier vendor spend.
  • Improved quality of hires through a rigid screening mechanism and saved hiring manager time spent and overall time to hire.
  • Brought about Transparency and control through efficient decision making based on recruitment analytics and business intelligence.

Modular RPO

Some reasons to opt for Modular RPO

Manage a short term project hiring need or the fluctuation in recruitment demands

One of the greatest recruitment challenges is effectively responding to rapid changes in hiring demand. Our flexible and scalable recruiting solutions can help your company minimize cost and risk as your needs change.

Case study

Client Business Needs

  • To hire approximately 150 employees across India for their sales and marketing function in 3 months.
  • Target talent pool from a vast range of Pharmaceutical and FMCG companies and Inefficient process to screen and assess profiles submitted from various sources.


  • Deployed a team of two resourcing specialist at client site who acted as a quality screening mechanism for all the CVs submitted and communicated with stakeholders for the requirements.
  • An off-site sourcing team supported the team on-site for sourcing needs and the number of recruiters deployed varied as per hiring volume fluctuations.
  • Conducted recruitment drives in various cities for bulk requirements and entire event was managed by the RPO team which also included providing coordinator at event location.


  • Successfully hired about 150 people in the span of 3 months and met the target.
  • Better quality of screened CVs achieved after stringent screening parameters were put in place with reduced time to hire as quick turn-around time was achieved.

Resource Augmentation

Reasons to opt for Resource Augmentation

Case study

Business Needs

  • To hire top quality talent having high end IT skills in an Investment Banking domain and also retain control of hiring process and management of recruitment resources.
  • Headcount restrictions to hire recruiters on their payroll.
  • Required highly experienced and capable recruiters who are adept in sourcing, assessment and interfacing with demanding Hiring Managers in a fast paced and technology driven and stringent environment.


  • We provided resource augmentation solution where we have currently deployed a team of 10 senior recruiters and 3 administrators’ onsite.
  • We deployed well trained and top quality resources who can manage sourcing and stakeholders effectively.
  • Client to manage the resources, the process and the outcome.
  • Effective utilization of Application Tracking System and developed strong MIS and reporting through rigour and disciplined approach to data maintenance.


  • Approx. 400 people offered positions in a span of 1 year, covering functions like Application development, QA, support functions and operations.
  • 120 Niche positions and 280 other positions.
  • Almost nil attrition in recruitment team and relationship over 4 years old.
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